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2021: The way forward in San Francisco

If you’re reading this, congratulations: You survived 2020 and so far, the pandemic.

San Francisco corner store, 2020 photo by Denise Sullivan

By now, over 22,000 San Franciscans have contracted COVID and 182 have lost their lives. Others lost their homes and livelihoods and there will be more, according to the people who specialize in disease control and economies, two things among others in which I have zero qualifications to prognosticate.

Tempted as I was to skip the traditional year-end look back at the past 365 days, I remembered that grief is a process that we’ll all be in for awhile and though it may not feel natural, we may as well celebrate what we have and what’s left of this place and the people who call it home while we’re here.

The folks whose lives were featured in my column for the San Francisco Examiner this calendar year each made unique contributions to The City, their neighborhoods and communities, whether a coffee shop serving early risers in the Mission, or pampered pet lovers in the Richmond. Some of the subjects have moved out and moved on, though rest assured their words, actions and San Francisco-experience is having a ripple effect on the people and places surrounding them as they adapt to their current environments.

Read the entire year-end column at The San Francisco Examiner

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