Denise Sullivan

Author, Journalist, Culture Worker

Keep on Pushing For Hire

An author does not live on advances, royalties, and fees for articles alone. This scribe works for hire writing artist bios and press material, and moonlights penning album liner notes, ghostwriting advertorial copy, composing snappy one-liners, pitching scathing editorials, and following through to completion an assorted variety of wild assignments with a particular focus on culturally diverse artists, and those with a strong message or point-of-view.

If your socially conscious business is interested in hiring an ethical professional with experience in arts and culture reporting and beyond, or if you personally have need for a writer who can conceive story angles, pitch media and create marketing materials for your client or a product, make contact at

Lectures and presentations on themes of education, enlightenment, and empowerment through the arts may also be arranged for a fee or for free, depending on the type of institution you are and the event you desire.  I have delivered talks lasting from 20 minutes to two hours; I am an experienced public radio guest and comfortable in the classroom setting as well.  I have created a 16-week university level course based on the text of Keep on Pushing, portions of which may be adapted for presentation at your school or community organization. A recent hire, awaiting course adoption by the Media Studies Department at the University of San Francisco, further references may be obtained upon request at

I am  also available to advise working musicians and their bands on the topic of media relations. Civilians and young professionals may also benefit from a series of informal sessions focused on the fine points of workplace and social engagement. Please contact me directly for rates, writing samples, and real talk at


Also  please consider a PayPal donation to contribute to the cost of maintaining this site as a free resource and community service for everyone: Be the first to show your appreciation and you’ll receive a free book in return for your kindness. Thank you.



One Response

  1. Jon Hoyt says:

    Read your review of the Talking Heads song This Must Be The Place…Well, done. I had tears in my eyes because of the songs meaning to me and to know somebody else ‘gets’ it doubled my tears and confirmation that the song confirms: This Is The Place for us…couldn’t have been any other way for some of us. Never for the money…… xoxo
    Jon Hoyt

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