Denise Sullivan

Author, Journalist, Culture Worker

Audio and Video Interviews

Before the End film extra: Denise on Jim Morrison

The Forward: Ballad For Two Friends (Dylan and Cohen) – Denise in discussion with Ratso Sloman (2021)

Meet The Music With Tom Corley – Denise Interviewed on The Birth of Rock and its Black Roots (2021)

Music and Myths: Interview by Marcus Singletary for Far Out Flavors

The Roundtable with Ian PIckus/WAMC, Northeast Public Radio

Air Talk with Larry Mantle/Southern California Public Radio KPCC

Sleeves on Hearts/DJ Irwin/KUSF In Exile

The Here and Now with Derk Richardson/KPFA, Pacifica Radio

Ion the Prize/KALX UC Berkeley

SF Lives/Live Talks series


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