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  1. Michael Kensinger says:

    Thanks for the wonderful story in yesterdays Examiner about Hanson Lee. He is the embodiment of the best values San Francisco can give the world.

  2. haze says:

    Re “Awful Sweet” Cabrillo St never had a “yo” he was Portoguese so “llo” but you are right about Arguello. Good story, thanx

  3. Edward Neely says:

    You probably were there but in case not, the Orchestra
    di Piazza Vittoro from Rome [ info at Wikipedia, music
    at youtube] presented their movie and gave a live concert
    at the Clay theater in their tour across America in
    2007 ( ? ) . The musicians barely fit on stage and the
    theater seats were full with more folks standing where
    they could. It was amazing fun. I guess Fillmore St.
    needs its own Orchestra to keep the Clay theater from
    becoming maybe not a “bingo hall” but something else.

    Wonderful website. So much to read. Thanks.

  4. michael koch says:

    denise, your soul and acumen are always much appreciated. i especially admired sunday’s portrait of Jon Jang, both for its content and supple style; keep up the fabulous work, michael koch

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