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Back On The Chain Gang

Dear Readers,

It’s an unusual post where I want to send you away from my site and toward another, but that’s the case this evening…As it happens, I’m back on the rock ‘n’ roll beat and want to point you to a couple of publications where my work will be appearing with some frequency.

Last week, a group of colleagues and I launched No Recess! a music and culture site that aims to bring you some good reading on rock ‘n’ roll, resistance, and whatever else we feel like.


I’ve been charged with the political content, at least as it pertains to its intersection with rock ‘n’ roll.  Check the debut of my column, What Are We Gonna Do Now? titled Rock and Resist or Rollover.  I’ll also be contributing reviews of books, like this one of the new autobiography by the Band’s Robbie Robertson.  I’ll also write on film (here’s a review of I Called Him Morgan), and well, pretty much everything, even news briefs, like this item on John Hurt Jr.

I’m also filing a monthly column over at Tourworthy.  My first piece is on the Latino psychedelic soulsters with a message, Chicano Batman.   I hope you’ll look deeper into these new publications and lend them your eyes (and ears): We hope to keep you up-to-date on the sounds that matter, on music that’s making a difference. As ever, thanks for reading!


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